Because ofcommon pleasures, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules when laying parquet:

1. All interior work in areas where the planned installation of parquet must be completed a sufficient dry rooms. Cementscreedmust be well leveled, solid, moisture up to 2%.
2. The temperature in the room with the parquet must be at least 18 and at most 30 degrees C, humidity between 50-65%. Height outdoor temperature is not critical.
3. Before laying parquet it is necessary to stand for at least 24 hours in the premises where providedlaying to acclimate to a given atmosphere.
4. Rooms in which the flooring is installed must be fully completed (finished smoothing walls, painting, electricity, installation of tiles, etc ...). They must not take place other works - not the other performers. 
5. Parquet is placed on the adhesive or other bonding agent suitable for bonding parquet. The surface must be well cleaned before applying the adhesive or other bonding agent. After the parquet onto the adhesive need to stand for at least 7 days, to soak up water from the adhesive through the concrete flooring evaporated off. If the planned installation of beech, walnut or other types of dimensionally unstable parquet, parquet on adhesive must stand for at least 14 days or post  parquetthe two-component or one-component polyurethane adhesive. Our recommendation is parquet, regardless of the type of wood,alwaysset on the polyurethane adhesive. 
6. Before sanding parquet measured moisture in the floor and see if it is within the supplied. If not, leave the parquet to settle until the moisture falls within the limits prescribed amounts of moisture. The next step is sanding parquet. 
7. After sanding accessedgrouting  the entire surface laid parquet. grouting  is made by mixing sawdust from sanding parquet and grouts which is coated  the entire surface. In this way, fill any cracks or holes.
8.Преведи са језика: босанскиAfter grouting is accessedre-leveling of and preparing the surface for varnishing. The preparation is carried out by polishing, vacuuming and wiping parquet.
9. Varnishing is made with polyurethane or water-based varnish or some other means of protection (oil, pasta ...). Between varnishing may be applied and gel. In this way further smoothing the surface of the parquet. When applying the varnishshall becomply the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
10. After installation on the surface should not be walked or burden the minimu 24h. 
11. Flooring must installed by a qualified person, according to the manufacturer's instructions and in compliance with the general standards and norms that apply to flooring. 
12. Parquet installation must be carried out professional machines and tools, as well as high-quality adhesives and varnishes. 
13. The parquet humidity ranges from 7 to 12%. 
14. Use the product in normal burdened areas, outside wet and damp rooms.


• Floor coveringsbelong to the group busiest building elements so choose them carefully. 
• Wood flooring is the only floor covering that can be repeatedly renewed so it looks like new flooring. 
• Features parquet are different and depend on the type of wood from which it is made. 
• Hardness: The rooms that are heavily loaded place parquet made of harder wood species.
•Color: Wood of the same type may have a different color. Color parquet select on the basis of higher dimensional pattern. Wood can change color over time. Changing the color is more intense in the first period afterlaying parquet. Wood is a natural material and does not guarantee the complete identity of the sample and parquet.
• Dimensional stability: Wood is a hygroscopic material, which means that adjusts the relative humidity and moisture construction. When changing moisture wood is dimensionally changes and deforms. Dimensional stability depends on the type of wood. The lowest dimensional stability with beech and maple, and therefore do not recommend them for laying on underfloor heating and in areas with extreme conditions (increased concentration of moisture and heat). Parquet flooring is to be installed in hydro isolated areas, where the air within the limits of stability.
• Raising the parquet of concrete surfaces, as well as the bending edgecomeis solelydue to the presence of moisture. Specialattention should focus on the ground floor houses and apartment buildings that are not insulated from moisture or are above the basement. Donenecessarily then before installing parquet, install insulation or use special primers will make a vapor barrier. Then be sure to stick to the flooring 2K PU or 1K PU adhesive or glue. Increased moisture in the floor almost certainly will cause dispersion adhesive. Because of that parqet need to sit glued to the flooring adhesive,at least one week, we recommend two weeks before sanding.
• Especiallyshould be addressed during the discharge of funds for leveling floors. You then need to consult experts in the field and not allow it to benefit the least expensive option. It must be taken of the brands of concrete leveling, for which she also suitable and the adhesive may be submitted. In case of inadequate brand of concrete and adhesive may occurspalling parquet fromsubstrate. For example, the weight of the pouring of inadequate brand, 2k glue, a large length of the parquet, as a result, peeling parquet from the substrate due to the work of wood.
• The ideal humidity in the room where the parquet set is between 50-65% and a temperature of 20 to 25 ° C. In the winter,  especially in rooms that are heated in the heating system,it is desirable to keep the radiators ceramic pots with water. In this mode maintains the humidity in the premises, which can drop to 30%, and thus lead tonarrowing  parquet. Toless constricting parquet can come up to 1mm, during the heating season in the places where the cement jacket pipe for passing central heating. Na ovim mestima dolazi do visoke temperature zbog loše izolacije cevi i male dubine postavljanja. Toless constricting parquet can come up to 1mm, during the heating season in the places where the cement jacket pipe for passing central heating. If you are wondering whether it is possible to set the parquet floor heating, answer is that must be met or procedures acclimation parqet .First you need to use an appropriate elastic adhesive that is designed for floor heating. Thereafter it's necessary to include underfloor heating and let setparquet flooring to acclimatize. The initial temperature was 20 C and is increased each day by 1 C up to a maximum. When it reaches the maximum temperature,down for at 1C until we get back to the starting value of 20 C. After that it can beaccess floor sanding and polishing.
• Often the question concerning the difference betweensteamed and unsteamed beech parquet. Mating is, simply stated, the process of exposure beech timber steam in special chambers. On this occasion, beech gets red color and relatively evens the color of wood. As far as quality change,experts' opinions are divided. The claim that the mating improves the quality of beech timber today is deny and only difference between the steamed and unsteamed beech is practically color. And today there are those who believe that the steaming reduces shrinkage and swelling, improve some physical and mechanical properties and increases the durability of wood to attack by insects.
• The best protection against insects is to buy fresh parquet. This means, parquet, which is not long stood in stock in a warehouse or other space. The parquet must be packed in thermofoil. Purchased parquet is not kept in the attic or basement than it installed as soon as possible. 
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